McDermott chosen for UK-specific NET Power design


McDermott International has secured a contract from 8 Rivers Capital for its NET Power UK project that aims to generate emission-free electricity.

The project, which 8 Rivers is executing with the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, will generate a UK-specific NET Power design.

McDermott has secured a pre Front End Engineering Design (preFEED) contract for the project.

The company will execute the engineering and design work for the contract from its offices in London, UK and supported by the Charlotte, North Carolina office.

The NET Power design will be deployed by 8 Rivers at multiple locations, including at a Teesside site in the UK located 10 miles East of Middlesbrough.

McDermott and 8 Rivers have worked together on a number of prospective projects, including a NET Power test plant facility in 2016.

NET Power developing new natural gas power generation technology

NET Power is a company owned by Exelon Generation, McDermott, 8 Rivers Capital and Oxy Low Carbon Ventures.

It is involved in the development of a new natural gas power generation technology that will be cost-effective and prevents all air emissions.

The firm has constructed a 50 MWth facility that demonstrates a full Allam Cycle power process.

The facility achieved its first-fire in May and is currently undergoing a rigorous testing program.

McDermott Europe, Africa, Russia and Caspian senior vice president Tareq Kawash said: “We are pleased to once again be collaborating with 8 Rivers to support the Energy Transition by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to net zero ambitions in line with the Paris agreement.

“With a focus on more sustainable industrial processes, like carbon capture and storage, we are harnessing our extensive engineering expertise to create tangible solutions for our stakeholders—including our customers, employees and communities.”