Equinor, partners make 2021’s first oil and gas discovery

oil and gas
The wells were drilled by the West Hercules drilling rig. Image credit: Ole Jørgen. Bratland)

Equinor and partners have found oil and gas reserves near the Troll field in the North Sea, recording their hydrocarbon find for 2021.

The discovery is estimated to contain recoverable resources of between 7 and 11 million standard cubic metres of oil equivalent, corresponding to 44 – 69 million barrels of oil equivalent.

According to Equinor, the Røver North discovery has been made in one of the most mature areas of the Norwegian continental shelf.

The partners consider the oil and gas find as commercial and intend to explore development options utilizing the existing infrastructure.

Equinor’s senior vice president for exploration in Norway Nick Ashton said: “The discovery is a direct consequence of thorough subsurface work in the Troll/Fram area over many years, and shows the importance of not giving up, but starting over, looking at old issues from new angles.”

The discovery was made in the production licence 923, where exploration well 31/1-2 S and appraisal well 31/1-2 A were drilled.

The wells are located some 10km northwest of the Troll field, 18km southwest of the Fram field and 130km northwest of Bergen.

Equinor stated the both wells have proved hydrocarbons in two intervals in the Brent Group.

Well 31/1-2 S encountered an about 145-metre gas column and a 24-metre oil column, while appraisal well 31/1-2 A struck sandstones with good to moderate reservoir quality, the company said.

Well 31/1-2 S was drilled to a vertical depth of 3439.5 metres below sea level and well 31/1-2 A to a depth of 3452 metres.

The site has a water depth of 349 metres.

The West Hercules rig was used to drill the wells. The rig will now be used to drill exploration well 31/2-22 S in production licence 090 in the northern North Sea.